The town of Fairfax is just a quick a 5 minute drive from the Inn. Guests also have the option of taking a scenic ride on one of our beach cruisers.
It is well known for having some of the best live music in the Bay Area - in some great low key bars and restaurants. On any night of the week you can have a drink and enjoy the local music.
Fairfax Movie Theater has been recently renovated, has all digital projectors and surround sound.
There are many hiking trails within walking distance from downtown. You can even walk by Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio's pink home!
Many wonderful shops such as Revolution 9, Culture Shock, and of course lots of fun consignment shops that have recently popped up.

Don't miss the Fairfax Brewfest on Saturday March 16th!! Get your tickets: http://www.fairfaxbrewfest.com/

Some restaurants we love in Fairfax:
Iron Springs restaurant and brewery
Sorella's (Italian)
Fradelizios (Italian)
Barefoot Cafe
Fairfix Cafe (Mediterranean and delicious coffee)
Deer Park Villa (Steakhouse and private events)
Gestalt Haus (Beers and bratwurst)
Fat Angel Bakery
The Scoop, organic local ice cream.

Local Trivia from Wikipedia:

The Coast Miwok Indians occupied stretches along local creeks, spring and seep areas; moreover prehistoric habitations were usually chosen near permanent and seasonal drainages, typically along flat ridges and terraces.

The first post office opened in 1910.[3] Fairfax incorporated in 1931.[3] The town was named for Lord Charles Snowden Fairfax.[3]

Fairfax was the site of the last political duel in California, in 1861. Daniel Showalter and Charles Piercy, both former assemblymen in the state legislature[7] , decided to settle a political dispute at the home of Lord Fairfax, a mutual friend of both. Although Fairfax provided lunch to both men and tried to talk them out of it, they eventually headed to an open field nearby and dueled, with Showalter killing Piercy.[8]

In the mid-1960s, a softball game between Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead took place at Central Field, a public downtown baseball field.[9][10]

Irving Berlin used to serenade from a treetop piano at Pastori's Hotel, formerly Bird's Nest Glen, the home of Lord Charles Snowden Fairfax, and later known as the Marin Town & Country Club.[11]