Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Destination: San Anselmo
Though mountain biking has a storied history, most people agree that Marin County is the modern day birthplace of the sport. And while there are a few areas that claim to be the first mountain bike community, every history book will lead you to Marin County. The origins of mountain biking we totally innocent. It came into being not as some faddist vision of profit-oriented marketing types, but rather as the product of true cycling enthusiasts trying to find something new to do on two wheels. These cyclists found through fun and competition that the old one-speed klunkers they were using could be improved with modern cycling technology. One thing led to another and mountain biking “the sport” was born. -

Marin Museum of Ciclying: now open in Fairfax!

Local cycling trails: Watch a video of the famed Repack trail

Mt Tamalpais trails:
Old Railroad grade
Blithedale Ridge
Warner Canyon
Muir Woods Loop
and many more

Cycle rentals in San Anselmo:
Caesar's Cyclery
3 Ring Cycles: