San Geromimo Valley

On your way to Point Reyes from the San Anselmo Inn you will pass through the picturesque San Geronimo Valley. With hills covered in Redwood trees on either side you would have no idea that there is a whole community living among them. It is true country in Marin County. Along the way stop to look at fields of cows, horses and rolling hills. The Valley - as the locals call it, is home to Spirit Rock Meditation Center, The San Geronimo Golf Course, two wonderful restaurants, two deli's and one bar. If you are looking for a place to ride bikes or hike you have found it! The most wonderful thing about the Valley is the people, the community comes together for events at San Geronimo Valley Cultural Center for classes, art openings, music, speakers and fairs. You feel like you are miles away from civilization in a short 15 minute drive.

Golf Course
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Cultural Center
Hiking Trails
Two Bird Cafe; Best breakfast, lunch and dinner plus live music on weekends
Arti Organic Indian; you will not see better reviews on yelp for any restaurant!
Also visit the Woodacre Market and San Geronimo Valley Deli, and Papermill Creek Saloon