Star Wars

Besides the fact that San Anselmo was a silent film capital in the early 1900s, the town's other claim to Hollywood fame is being the local and birthplace of the film series Star Wars.

San Anselmo's most prominent resident, movie director George Lucas, bought an old Victorian in San Anselmo with some of the proceeds from his film, "American Graffiti," a house which his then-wife Marcia Lucas named "Parkhouse." Lucas worked on his "Star Wars" script for two and a half years, writing much of it at the back of his San Anselmo house in a room he shared with a gaudy Wurlitzer juke box. In 1977, Lucas screened an early version of "Star Wars," without completed special effects, at his San Anselmo home for a small group of Hollywood friends, including the producer Alan Ladd, Jr., directors Steven Spielberg, Brian DePalma, and Martin Scorsese, and screenwriters Jay Cocks, Willard Huyck, and Gloria Katz.

Come and enjoy with Yoda and Indiana Jones the beautiful Imagination Park, donated to San Anselmo by their creator, George Lucas!